"Dark Energy 2013 (detail) Acrylic 24"x24     >                 

Dark Fluid sits in pools, in the gravitation wells, of the rippled fabric, of expanding space /time"  (a detail of) 'Dark Energy'

So what is this dark energy? There’s two main ideas, one that it’s a constant uniform energy filling all space, or it is a fluctuating energy, that can vary its presence in space and time. I like the second one, called 'Quintessence'.  Of course many things about dark energy are still matters of speculation.

"Neurodiversity is a concept where neurological differences are to be recognized and respected as any other human variation. "If you got rid of all the autism genes, you wouldn't have science or art, all you would have is social yak, yaks " 'the world needs all kinds of minds" - Dr Temple Grandin

"Not everything that steps out of line, and thus 'abnormal', must necessarily be 'inferior'" - Hans Asperger (1938)

"What we cant change, changes us"

Its about having a pure heart and being very sensitive, its about finding a way to survive in an overwhelming  noisy  world, its about developing differently, at a different pace and with different leaps in a way only we have a right to decide".

"Rainbow Tree of Life & Neurodiversity" 2012 (oil) 42"x28"                                      

"When I drew near the tunnel changed shape and the spot became a long horizontal line and the line opened up to two flat dimensions, one above and one below. The one above was like wide expanse of dark sky or space, with billions of stars and galaxies and below, was like a great moving ocean of dark water, whose waves were only reveled by the glow and reflection of the lights above. I moved in the middle space between these two planes…or did I move?, I felt no sensation. Could it be that I had not gone anywhere, maybe space and time bent around me? I knew I was not dreaming. This was real, but it was not born from anything I had experienced in my real life, I had no references by with to judge this experience and I did not try to judge it, I just accepted it.....'

 'Out there in the void, space and time curves around a gravitational well, as a cradle of new yellow stars just avoid being caught up in it, due to their velocities.

'A Mote In Gods Eye' 2013 (detail) (acrylic) 24"x24"

It’s not easy to paint a vast sub-atomic universe.
I am not from here, I am, but dust, stellar dust, a mote in Gods eye" a place to call home, a place to feel you truly belong but when you find there is none and you never feel you belong anywhere, you begin to realize, that you belong to the cosmos.

"Dweller Between The Worlds" 2014 (acrylic)  >

In my painting the jug the woman pours out a dark fluid, a spiraling river of dark light, into the waters of the firmament. Her body, the jug and water seem to be dark or hidden, but that does not mean it’s absent of light, it illuminates all that it contacts. It is what is known since ancient times as 'invisible light', the 'super-luminous river' or 'quintessence'. This is the path or space that connects the eternal waters of the subconscious universe to earthly consciousness, in order to draw its healing energies into the everyday world. To be able to access the renewing waters of life; that which gives the means of perpetually renewing its creations, after destruction, the Star is a card of faith, and of hope, both in your own power, and in the divine power that created everything, of which you are a part of.


"The Cup of Abundance" 2014  (oil-egg tempera)30"x24"

In this painting, An angel holds the Holy Grail to all who can sees spiritual light, traversing from afar into the realm of the Kingdom of Nature, where the laws of life and death are set in place, Souls, like moths flock around, drawn by the light and heat, desiring to be consumed by the flame of eternal love and carried to realm of softer, higher vibrations.

"I Shall Fear No Evil" 2015    (oil and egg tempera) 30"x24"

The title of my painting is 'Fear No Evil'.   Before, I simply called it 'the beast' or 'the  star'  or something. I never really knew what it was going to be called because it was a work that came together and developed, as the painting progressed over many months of meditations. The recent atrocities wrought in this world drew back a veil on its meaning and nature of the words taken as the title, from the bible: Psalms 23, verse 4 'Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.

Stephanie Tihanyi- Artist statement:  'For me, as an artist, painting is a meditative pursuit in that the process is as much the goal as the result, in this process, I am working to give myself a visual picture in order to be able to deeply understand an idea or concept, too complex to be able to describe in mere words'. Sometimes my paintings are drawn from the world of personal psychology and psychological self-states or from dreams, from my feelings of spirituality and myth and other times I am influenced by our collective sub-unconscious and its inner archetypes of the psyche and its dramas played out in the every day realities of our societies in the contemporary world. It could also be that I will focus just on the pattern of a thing, whether it is ontological or cosmological, it could be a pattern of being human or patterns representing some micro-aspect of nature, of the vast patterns of the physical universe. I am intrigued by the endless convoluted patterns of chaos and order in everything.  But it’s not always an exercise in using just pattern, it can also be work that is representational then, the image will contain a metaphor or a visual pun'.


What is 'visionary art?

'A Little Known Brief History of Visionary Art'

'The term 'Visionary Art' was coined more than 80 years ago and defined in 1933 by Carl Gustav Jung in his seminal work:  Modern Man in Search of a Soul .  He  describes visionary art as a revelation “whose heights and depths are beyond our fathoming, or a vision of beauty which we can never put into words.” This ''visionary mode‟ in contrast with the  ''psychological mode‟ derives material from the contents of the primordial realm of the archetypes of the collective unconscious and the realms of transcendent consciousness. The result of the ''visionary mode‟ of art is astonishing, frightening, confusing and at times disgusting. The presumption here is that the ''visionary artist‟ is seeking the ''Divine‟. The subject matter is coming definitely out of non-ordinary ‘states’ experienced in ordinary ‘stages’ of consciousness. As a modern art movement it descends from a veristic Surrealism, to Fantastic Realism to the first generations of students that followed it and were taught the masterly techniques associated to it. It is important to see and understand that the paintings they produced  varied greatly from one artist to another, and still do today, offering a great constellation and spectrum of vision. As an art movement, it arose more than 40 years ago as an organized force of a handful of artists based in New York and inspired by the Fantastic Realists in Vienna. Most of the New York Visionaries had studied Mische Technique painting with Ernst Fuchs between 1964 and 1974 and included Mati Klarwein, Brigid Marlin, (who had organized a group in England of artists working exclusively from the imagination), De Es Schwertberger, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Hanna Kay, Olga Spiegel, Linda Gardner, Isaac Abrams and associated comrades;  Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann,  H.R. Giger, Wolfgang Widmoser, Alex Grey, Jose’Arquelles, Mariu Suarez and Ingo Swan. It was really quite a small 'tribe'. Their themes were usually spiritual, mystical or expressing some inner awareness. The pioneering work of these artists has helped to formulate some emerging definition to what constitutes the contemporary visionary art 'scene'. Prof. Michael Schwartz is a main figure in this endeavor and carries the whole view of visionary art into the realm of an Integral Art inspired by the work of Ken Wilber'-By Philip Rubinov Jacobson from his article : A Little Known Brief History of Visionary Art